Successful Launch of .TO Domain Aftermarket by Register.TO

As you may already know now you can backorder .TO domains easily on Register.TO . Read How to Backorder Dropping .TO Domains . When there is two or more backorders on a domain and if it’s successfully captured by Register.TO ,it goes to aftermarket auction .

Once domain is in aftermarket auction anyone can place a bid. If you are placing bid first time you need to create marketplace username.

All the domains in auction has Live status ,start time, end time ,remaining time clearly mentioned. Typically in last hour of auction you’ll see much action. To view auction details click on auction details of a domain.

Register.TO aftermarket is very unique in it’s auction . Each member has a bidding power equal to 10 times of account fund. So suppose if you have $100 account fund, you can place a bid upto $1000. If you win the auction at $1000 ,you can pay remaining amount $900 to get the domain.also suppose you place a bid of $400, your remaining bidding power will be $600. In case you don’t win the auction your bidding power will be restored.

All domains in auction has a parking page statistics. So you can see daily average number of visitors on the domain. If you like to purchase traffic domains for website development or parking revenue this is a great feature.

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