Successful Launch of .TO Domain Aftermarket by Register.TO

As you may already know now you can backorder .TO domains easily on Register.TO . Read How to Backorder Dropping .TO Domains . When there is two or more backorders on a domain and if it’s successfully captured by Register.TO ,it goes to aftermarket auction . Once domain is in aftermarket auction anyone can place […]

How to Install WordPress on Your .TO Domain and Start a Blog

WordPress is an open source tool to create a website. It's the most popular tool to create blogging, content, news ,news, company site. You can easily create websites in minutes by installing & customizing available themes on wordpress site.In this article we will discuss how you can install wordpress, & theme to start a blog,news,membership […]

How to Search Whois Details of .TO Domains & Contact the Domain Owner.

Due to privacy protection you might not be able to see registrant contact details. However still you can check other details such as domain registration ,expiration date, host name etc. Also any Register.TO user can easily contact the owner of .to domain if the domain you are searching is being managed on platform. To […]

How to Buy .TO Domains via Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin , Ethereum etc.

Many domain buyers like to purchase domains via cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, Ethereum. When it comes to purchasing .to domains it becomes difficult to purchase via cryptocurrency as most of registrars don't support cryptocurrency payment. However on Register.TO there is a feature to fund your account via cryptocurrency. Once account funded you can purchase the […]

How to Find Premium .TO Domains Available to Register

We publish premium .to domain names available to register. However you can find some great names by using a name suggestion tool on Register.TO . For this you need to first visit Register.TO site. Then search for a name lets say . You can choose any name you would like to search. In above […]